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We like the stuff that isn’t always obvious.  We don’t pretend to be rocket scientists but we like the notion of a 'skunkworks' type of operation.  Fear of failure isn’t strong here – we probably should be smarter about what we try to tackle but we manage to have fun along the way and, quite often, our clients have fun too.

Why Process, Prototype, Production?

We like to solve problems.  We find identifying and tackling the core processes are at the root of successful consulting.  We like to build prototypes before we move a concept into production.  And we are closely linked to production issues in many areas, like e-commerce, agriculture, and system management.

Company Background

SKWORKS, LLC is a woman owned and operated California limited liability corporation.  We are located in Fillmore, the last, best small town in Southern California. 

Contact Us

Give us a call at the number above, come visit us in Fillmore, or drop us an email at info@skworks.com